Flower arrangementI’ve been struggling for the past few days to find the right way to write my novel and it didn’t help that I’d watched The Book Thief last night. It was such a masterpiece of storytelling – great plot, fantastic dialogue and exquisite word choices – that I wanted to echo it in my own writing. I can only imagine how much better the book is and it’s now on my reading list. Anyway, as I rewrote a scene this morning, I kept deleting words until finally I let my stream of conscious go and write whatever. It was crap t o say the least.

Afterwards, I went on my last long run before SeaWheeze next week (18k since I’m still following my marathon training plan for fun). Usually when I go for a run, I come up with some really good ideas for my novel. But two hours later, I was physically and mentally exhausted. The right idea just wouldn’t come. Although I did do some good, hard thinking about what kind of person my main character is.

When I sat down again to write, I was hesitant. Should I just keep writing off of the crap from earlier? Should I try again?

I ended up doing the latter and without even realizing it, about 45 minutes later, I had a scene that was actually good. And it was perfectly setting up another scene that I had been struggling to keep or not. It was such an awesome feeling to come out of my writing cloud and realize that sometimes to write a story, you just have to let the words come. You can’t force it.

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