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Disclaimer: There are The Mindy Project spoilers in this post. Turn away now if you know what’s good for you and finish the current 2 seasons of the show. You will be glad you did.

Ah, the rom-com sitcom. I can’t remember the last time I watched a really good TV show that had all the trappings of one of my favorite movie genres: romantic comedy. I just finished binge-watching The Mindy Project over the past two days and I have to say that I’m on a little bit of a major high right now from this show.

There is nothing I love more in books, movies or real-life than opposites/enemies finding out that they are actually perfect for each other. I didn’t think Danny and Mindy would work out, but the writers of the show did a fantastic job of planting the seeds for this relationship throughout the first season of the show. You knew it was coming, and you wanted it to happen, but you didn’t know when or how. It’s the same kind of writing that gets me to stay up late at night reading a romance novel, especially the young adult fiction kind.

There’s just something so cute about the way teenagers fall in love. The hormones, the cliques, the self-consciousness…there’s so many things keeping them from seeing what’s been in front of them all along (i.e. the best guy friend who’s memorized her favorite Chinese take-out order). And then, when she gets the guy of her dreams, she just truly believes in her heart that he is the only one she will ever be with.

That’s a fun world to escape into sometimes. But what was so great about The Mindy Project was that Mindy dated a lot of guys who weren’t all frogs. You got to go along with her as she learned how to be herself and to be honest about her feelings, something that is very hard to do when you’re dating someone new. And through it all, she managed to find Danny, the best kind of friend, who comforted her, listened to her, challenged her, and of course, infuriated her.

The show writers knew how to get you to fall in love with this couple and to root for them and it was so satisfying when that first kiss finally happened. Perfect setting, perfect set up.

As an aspiring novelist, these are the kinds of stories I love to tell. They may be cheesy at times or hard to get through, but they make us smile so hard while we’re reading that our cheeks hurt by the end and we barely notice (actually, we can barely stop smiling). I want to write stories about two people who take a long time to fall in love and the circumstances that come up preventing them from getting to that long awaited first kiss. I love the idea of love and I hope that the stories I write do this amazing feeling justice.

Well done, writers of The Mindy Project. You guys make falling in love both funny and awesome.

Image source: The Vulture

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