Once upon a time, I was an event planner that loved the rush of putting together a successful event. I did it all – small fundraisers, huge charity galas, concerts for local musicians, and even a few club nights that enticed people to make tons of mistakes in the spirit of the “true university experience” (no, I’m not naming names) – and I was absolutely addicted to the high I got from being balls out stressed about everything. Come on, I can’t be the only one, right? Right?? Fine, it was a little weird…

Orange lilies in a vase

The one thing that most of my events had in common is that they had to have an amazing theme. And even though my professional event planning days are over, I still love a good theme party. Like the Waffle Fete that my friend, Miss Fit, threw just for the hell of it.

Waffles on a plate with juice, maple syrup, and fruit in the background

The day called for waffles with delicious fixings and toppings, and a side of hipster for extra iron-y.

Thick black frame glasses on a plate with tall napkin in the background

We made epic chicken and waffle sandwiches…

Picture of two waffle pieces with fried chicken, thousand island dressing, lettuce and tomato in the middle.

… and waffles with toppings like blueberries, strawberries, Nutella, caramel, ice cream, and good ol’ maple syrup.

Waffle with blueberries, raspberries, caramel syrup, ice cream, and Nutella on top

You also had your choice of water, juice, or tea, which all go perfectly with waffle delights, as well as sangria with an extra dose of vodka, which goes perfectly with – let’s be honest – anything.

Jug of white sangria beside a white pot of tea

How adorable are these Hello Kitty waffles by the way? Almost too good to eat adorable, that’s how. But I did anyway. And yes, they were purrrfect.

Hello Kitty shaped waffles made with a Hello Kitty waffle iron

What was the last theme party you went to?

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