I consider the Stanley Cup Playoffs to be just as exciting as a season finale of Vampire Diaries. Or Community (holler Paintball 2).

Vancouver Canucks versus L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Playoff Game 1

After a year of waiting with bated breath, the Vancouver Canucks finally faced off in their first playoff game against the LA Kings last night. My friend Tony had a gathering at his place complete with a make your own pizza dinner. Our ingredients included Prego Tomato, Onion and Garlic sauce, red onions, spinach, parsley, ham, salami, spicy capicola, tomatoes, mushrooms, red and green peppers, jalapenos, and lots of marble cheese. Oh and beer. Tons of it, of course.

Pizza ingredients and New Castle beer

I love to cook, but cooking with friends, especially during playoff season, is definitely one of my favourite things to do.

Finished pizza with New Castle beer in the background

Especially when someone decides to toss our pizza ingredients together with some Tostitos and make some pretty bomb nachos.

Homemade nachos with all the fixings

And even moreso when my favourite brand of beer from the Philippines gets invited to the party.

Someone holding a bottle of San Miguel beer

As for Game 1, Round 1? It ended with a 4-2 loss to the Kings. It was messy, a bit painful to watch, and at times, almost unbearable…

Some may say that we have exhaled too soon, but I think one loss is dirt off the Canucks’ shoulders. Hopefully it only reinvigorates them to be hungry ravenous for that big, shiny silver cup.

So no matter what silly tweets may have been going out last night, stay classy Vancouver. And don’t stop believing in our boys.

P.S. I recently found out a new friend of mine was behind this awesome video that went viral during last year’s playoffs! Let’s take it as a reminder that we are most definitely NOT the worst fans ever.

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