I felt a little bit like a postal worker when I checked out the Vancouver Winter Farmers Market last weekend. You know the whole “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night” thing? Yeah, I have a much better idea of what these guys have to go through now.

Things to do in Vancouver: TheVancouver Farmer's Market

Rainy Vancouver weather and gorgeous Ambrosia apples

I’m pretty sure the idea of braving the winter cold just to check out a farmer’s market doesn’t really appeal to everybody. I’m even more certain that going out in a monsoon just for a farmer’s market is reserved only for the insane.

Well, I guess you can call me crazy because that’s exactly what I did last Saturday. But in my defense, it was only drizzling when I stepped outside that day. The monsoon didn’t hit until it was too late to turn back. Go unpredictable Vancouver weather.

But it was kind of worth drowning on dry land because I got to go home with some seriously tasty goodies (check back tomorrow for that post). Any guesses as to what they could be? :)

Vancouver Farmers Market haul

Why Farmers Markets are Awesome

Farmers markets are renowned for being the spot to find locally and organically grown fruit, produce, and meats. You’ll also find locally made goodies like cheese, honey, and, in my case, Thai curries! The vendors really know their stuff, so feel free to ask them any questions you have about what they’re selling – where is it grown? How is it grown? Why are your apples so much redder than the ones I get at the supermarket?

Thai Curry Vendor at the Vancouver Farmers Market

Also, did I mention the vendors are also really nice? When my umbrella broke, the guy who sells the Thai curries let me hang out under his stall and helped me warm up by offering me multiple tastes of all his curries. Great customer service always gets me.

In Vancouver, the farmers market goes year round, so if you’re looking for things to do in the winter, I definitely suggest checking it out just to see what hidden treats you could dig up (try to go when the sky isn’t pouring buckets though. I worry about you).

Other Things to Do at the Farmers Market

Aside from getting to see local musicians and performers bust out their talents, the winter market is also a treasure trove for Vancouver food trucks. While I was swimming around on dry land, I spotted Vij’s Railway Truck, Le Tigre, and Chilitank.

Vij's Railway truck's Butter chicken schniztel

I went over to Vij’s for the Butter Chicken Schnitzel and a delicious, steaming hot chai tea. The chicken was perfectly crispy on the outside (I think they used panko breadcrumbs) and moist and juicy on the inside. The best part was that it wasn’t greasy at all, which made the butter sauce that much better. I loved the creamy tomato-based sauce, which had the right hint of sour and heat. It was perfect for warming me up in the cold, wet weather.

Another awesome thing about the market is that you can swipe your debit card for tokens that you can use at the stalls. I know a lot of people don’t carry cash anymore, so this was really convenient.

The winter edition of the Vancouver Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday until April 21 from 10am to 2pm at Nat Bailey Stadium. 

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