I love a good haul post, especially when it’s all about food. As I mentioned yesterday, when I went to the Vancouver Winter Farmer’s Market, I got absolutely drenched in a crazy rainstorm (aka the visiting Pineapple Express system). It was a bad time to find out that my waterproof jacket isn’t actually waterproof or that my umbrella can’t actually stand up to anything stronger than a single raindrop.Dundarave olives, Earnest ice cream, Salt Spring Island cheese and Thai Princess curry

I managed to tough it out for half an hour though, before becoming almost too cold and wet to function. This meant that I was only able to buy a few things at the market. BUT for a girl whose teeth were chattering so much, she could barely see straight, I managed to buy some pretty awesome food products. And the best part is that they’re all from local British Columbia-based companies.

Figaro’s Folly, $7 – Dundarave Olive Company

Dundarave Figaro's Folly Olives

These big, green olives are stuffed with a mixture of fig, apricots and honey. It’s a tasty sweet mix that goes well with the saltiness of the green olives, which I found to be a lot less salty than the olives you’d get at the supermarket. It went really well with the creamy Romelia from Salt Spring.

Romelia Goat Cheese, $12 – Salt Spring Island Cheese

Romelia goat cheese froSalt Spring Island Cheese

I LOVE THIS CHEESE. It’s everything you would want cheese to be – super creamy, rich, and flavourful enough to leave a mark without kicking you in the head. Believe me, I’ve met enough aged blue cheese to know the difference.

Green Curry Quick Stir-Fry Sauce, $9 – Thai Princess

Green curry quick stir-fry sauce from Thai Princess

Suratin, the owner of Thai Princess, was absolutely fabulous. He saw that I was practically drowning on dry land and told me to try his curry sauces to help warm up. Was I a sucker for his marketing ploy? Yep. Was he a really nice, helpful and informative man who really knew his product inside and out? Hell yes.

This green curry isn’t too spicy, which lets you get the flavour profile of all the ingredients, especially the lemon grass. One of the cool things about this curry is that it’s gluten, wheat, and dairy-free (yay coconut milk!).

Maple Walnut, $10 – Earnest Ice Cream

Maple Walnut ice cream from Earnest Ice Cream

I remember when this local company started showing up at events last year and love that it’s really taken off. The Maple Walnut was one of the last two flavours they had by the time I got to them. Yep, even on an intensely rainy day, they managed to sell out of nearly twelve different flavours! That’s how good their ice cream is.

The ice cream is infused with a natural maple flavour without being overly sweet and the toasted walnuts add the right crunch to make this ice cream highly addictive. And if the idea of finishing this pint in one sitting makes you feel bad (it really shouldn’t), then you can turn that frown upside down knowing you can return the recyclable glass jar to the folks at Earnest and they’ll give you $1 back!

What cool products did you take home from your last visit to a farmers market?

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