Boracay is considered one of the top beach destinations in the world. I’ve never seen a place where the ocean actually seems to sparkle as you wade through it or where the sand is so white and soft, you’d swear you were walking through freshly milled flour. I think fate was on my side when I was not only able to book my last minute trip, but get it for a very inexpensive price as well.

The white sand beach of Boracay Island in Philippines

There are two ways to get to Boracay via the province Aklan: from Caticlan or Kalibo. I took the Kalibo route since it’s cheaper, but it does take more time to get to Boracay from there as it’s farther away. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. 1 hour flight from Manila to Kalibo
  2. Take a 1 hour van ride from Kalibo to the Jetty port (approximately 200 pesos or $5 and should include the boat ride)
  3. Take a traditional Filipino boat to Boracay (about 10-15 minutes)
  4. Take a tricycle to your destination

In my case, I took the tricycle to an area known as Station 2. Boracay is divided into 5 areas, locally known as “Stations”. Station 2 is considered the downtown of Boracay, where most of the clubs, restaurants, and stores are located. In other words, it’s party central, so the sand and beach isn’t as clean or nice here. If you want to experience the pristine white sands of Boracay, head over to Station 1, which is only a short walk from Station 2.

Traditional boat to Boracay Island, Philippines

It’s hard to not to feel like you’re in paradise while you’re in Boracay. On my second day there, the sky was a beautiful blue, sharing space only with wipsy clouds and the warm, bright sun. The heat was more welcome than oppressive and I relished its touch as I laid amid the white sand, running my hands and toes through it every chance I got. And the water. God, the water was a cool oasis, as clear as the water you’d have in your bath, but a thousand times more amazing.

I seriously think my heaven would be Boracay.

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