Okay, the title of this post is actually just a joke. There is no way you can actually compare the two without sticking your nose up at one (you can guess which one gets the cold shoulder).

I bought the macarons from McDonald’s simply so I would be able to tell what a bad macaron would taste like. In short, it tastes like crap.

The macaron was cold (from being kept in a refrigerated case), which made the shells thick and extremely chewy. I got chocolate and pistachio flavours and neither of them were any good. The chocolate tasted very artificial while the pistachio was just atrocious.

On the other hand, La Duree is a world-renowned patisserie where you can expect to wait in line for 20-30 minutes and you are absolutely forbidden to take any pictures. So, by my definition, this place was legit.

A friend of mine had specifically told me to go to this patisserie in Paris the minute I got there, but I completely blanked on the name until I just happened to pass by it on the Champs-Elysees. It was a lucky day, I suppose.

I got 6 flavors: Rose, Lavender, Black Forest, Chocolate, Vanilla and Lemon Thyme. And also a chocolate éclair that practically called out my name.

I shared my macarons with my trip mates and we each were able to take a bite out of each delicate pastry. The egg white shells were perfectly airy with just the right balance of crunch and chewy texture, so you didn’t feel like you were chewing gum by accident. Each flavor was even better than the next. You could tell that all the ingredients were fresh and real. If you can believe, the best one was actually Vanilla, which had flecks of real vanilla beans in it.

If heaven can be found in a single bite, then I found 6 tiny pieces of it right here.



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