A red bike lock is shaped into a heart and surrounded by other Love Padlocks on the Pont D'Arts bridge in Paris, France

I was making my way from the Louvre to Notre Dame in Paris when I came by a curious little bridge. There were all these padlocks attached to the railings and even more strange, was that the padlocks had writing all over them.

Little did I know that I had ended up on the Pont Des Arts, a bridge where couples come to attach padlocks with their names written on them, perpetuating the tradition of the “Love Padlocks.”

These locks are symbols of the couples’ everlasting love- quite literally “locking” down their love for all eternity. Locks ranged from simple with Sharpie’d writing to extravagant locks with engraving. It’s a really sweet gesture, especially when you read the things that the couples have written on them. This one made me smile: 

A Love Padlock in Paris, France that has "Susan and Steve Tanner 40 years" written on it in black sharpie

There are bridges all throughout Europe where locks like these can be found (I saw ones in Rome, Italy and Berlin, Germany). There’s even one found along a hiking trail in Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Passing by this bridge definitely puts a smile on my face though as it reminded me that millions of people out there still believe in true love. 

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