Growing up, there was only one restaurant that I ever wanted to go to: Red Lobster.

Lobster print chairs in Luke's restaurant in New York City

The funny thing is that I actually used to hate the taste of lobster since I thought it tasted too much like the ocean. I only ever looked forward to Red Lobster trips because of the warm, buttery, flakey biscuits that came to the table with the appetizers. It was melt in your mouth delicious.

Storefront of Luke's in New York City

But luckily, my taste buds have grown up and I’ve discovered that lobster can also be packed with melt in your mouth goodness. Like the famous Lobster Rolls at Luke’s.

I’ve never had one of these badass sandwiches before. Each roll was packed with sweet, huge pieces of lobster meat. Every little bit was drenched in a light herb dressing and tons of butter.

Luke's lobster roll in New York City

The roll was also soft and buttery, and managed to hold all that meat without falling apart. Though the lobster roll could’ve been a meal on its own, I’m of the opinion that life is better with side dishes, so I grabbed a bag of Cape Cod kettle cooked Sweet Mesquite BBQ potato chips and washed everything down with the refreshing Maine Root Blue Berry Soda.

Maine Roote Blueberry Soda and Cape Cod  Kettle Chips at Luke's in New York City

Where was the best lobster roll you ever had?

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