What’s even more amazing than one food truck? A whole gaggle of them! This is what Off the Grid is all about. If you’ve ever been to an Asian night market, then you’ll be familiar with the concept of street food vendors lined up next to each other, serving up multi-ethnic dishes that you can eat at nearby picnic tables.

Off the Grid sign in San Francisco

This concept is genius. Think about it. Instead of trying to follow all your favourite trucks on Twitter and hope to God you make it to their location in time, the trucks are all in one place! You could walk from one to the other in seconds without ever opening up your social network. Sure, you won’t get as much exercise, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, I highly recommend you check out an Off the Grid market. The market takes place in a different part of the city every night, so you’re bound to run into one or be close to one during your visit. The one I went to this time was in Fort Mason.

Azalina Malaysian food in San Francisco

The first thing my cousins and I tried were the banana donuts from Azalina’s, a Malaysian food vendor. It was moist and not overly sweet. I know you technically shouldn’t have dessert first, but this was a great primer for what was to come. After grabbing some delicious pork dumplings from Happy Dumpling, we headed to KoJa.

KoJa serves up Korean-Japanese fusion dishes, including the mouth-watering Kamikaze Fries. You get Crisscut fries topped with Korean BBQ Beef, kimchi, green onions, and drizzled with the house sauce and Japanese sweet mayo – all for just $6!! The BBQ beef was sweet and the kimchi added the right spicy tang to the mix. I could’ve eaten five of these.

KoJa Korean BBQ Beef Sandiwch and Kamikaze Fries at Off the Grid in San Francisco

Mochimisu tiramisu with chocolate mochi pieces from KoJa food truck at Off the Grid in San Francisco

We also grabbed the KoJa Sandwich with Korean BBQ Beef, which consisted of more of that sweet shredded beef and some sautéed onions, all held together in handmade rice buns. To cap off our Korean-Japanese feast, we shared the Mochimisu, a traditional Italian tiramisu with chocolate mochi pieces thrown in.

Tikka Masala Paneer burrito from Curry Up Now at Off the Grid in San Francisco

A trip to Off the Grid isn’t complete (for me anyway) without heading to Curry Up Now. I always get the Tikka Masala Paneer burrito, which is packed with Indian cheese (paneer), rice, garbanzo beans, and onions. It’s hefty and I’ve never been able to finish the entire thing, but I’m seriously addicted to the spicy, aromatic tikka masala sauce and chewy paneer pieces.

Fat Face popsicle menu at Off the Grid in San Francisco

The very unique Fat Face popsicles were the last thing we tried before leaving. Unfortunately, they were out of the intriguing chicken and waffles, so we opted for the Thai tea and sweet potato, which tasted exactly like refreshingly sweet Thai iced tea, and a mango and sticky rice, which had a nice coconut mango flavour.

If you’re a fan of food trucks, or a fan of food in general, then definitely skip out on a fancy, expensive meal at a San Fran restaurant for one night and check out Off the Grid.

KB Travel Tip: Go to Off the Grid hungry. Seriously, you’ll definitely need room to try all the tasty food truck offerings!

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