Stop the presses – I just discovered quinoa! I’m a little late on this trend, I know. And yes. Yes I think I’m in love. This magical, super “grain-like crop” (Wikipedia’s words, not mine) is really easy to cook with and good for you in all kinds ways. It also played nice with me my very first time cooking with it – no fire extinguisher or Tums were necessary during the making of this dish.

Quick and easy Quinoa by Karra Barron. Cooked Quinoa is mixed together with carrots onions, bacon, shredded chicken, parsley and thyme. Cooked asparagus is served on the side.

Here’s a quick and dirty recipe that I put together with a mish-mash of stuff I had in my fridge/pantry.

Chop up 4 strips of bacon and sauté it on medium heat with 1tsp olive oil and 1/2C chopped red onion. Season with some salt and pepper. When bacon is cooked and onion is somewhat translucent, remove from pan and set aside.

Pour in 1/2C white wine to deglaze the bottom of the pan. Scrape up all that brown bacon goodness you see. Yes, I know you see it. That’s flavour and it’s delicious. Cook down wine for about a minute.

Picture of quinoa grains in a bag - Karra Barron

Meanwhile, rinse 1C quinoa two times, then strain out excess water. Go back to the pan and pour in 2C water, the quinoa, and 1/2C chopped carrots. Toss in a few sprigs of fresh thyme, a dash of salt and a pinch of pepper. Once water boils, turn heat down to low, cover pot, and let cook for fifteen minutes.

You’ll know the quinoa is cooked when it goes translucent and the white germ (kind of looks like its tail) is visible. Also, 99.9% of the water should be gone (aka absorbed by the quinoa).

Picture of cooked bacon and red onions that were sauteed together for easy and quick quinoa recipe

Add 1C shredded chicken, 1/4C chopped parsley, and reserved bacon and red onion. Mix together and taste to see if it needs to be seasoned more. Makes 3-4 servings.

Finished quick and easy quinoa dish close up


4 strips of bacon, chopped
½C red onion, chopped
1tsp olive oil
½C white wine
1C quinoa
2C water
½C carrot, peeled and chopped
3-4 sprigs of fresh thyme
1C shredded chicken, hot
¼C parsley, chopped

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