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“I have a good feeling about this year!”

Chances are, you’ve heard someone utter these words at least once since the start of the new year. Somehow a day that should be like any other carries a whole new meaning. When you think about it, January 1st is really just another tomorrow. But over time, it’s become more than just the day after December 31st.

January 1st has become universally known as the day of change. It’s our beacon for fresh starts that we can’t help but be drawn to year after year.

We’ve come to signify this day, even revere it, as the beginning of change in our lives. It’s no longer just a tomorrow, but the starting line for a marathon of new days and new chances to do better and be better than the year before. We eagerly anticipate this day once December starts and practically count down the minutes to this jumping point, where we can take our first leap into a whole new year of possibilities, opportunities, and challenges.

Even the ancient Babylonians looked at January 1st as some kind of reset button, only they paid off debts to appease their gods instead of hopping on a treadmill to get rid of all that holiday weight. And I’ll admit, even I looked forward to this chance to restart my game.

Sitting here on the morning of January 1st, I still have the same firmness in my gut from last night that tells me 2013 will be an amazing year. This is most likely because even though December 31st has just passed, I’ve already resisted the urge to revisit past mistakes and trap myself in a heartache that permeated my 2012. It’s a good feeling, but now I’m starting to realize that I shouldn’t rely so heavily on January 1st as an opportunity to start anew.

Because once this day has passed, there may come a point where I’ll lose all this excitement and conviction that make me want to take risks and be bold. There are a lot of days in one year and not every day will be amazing, no matter how many times I pout and whine, “But this was supposed to be a good year.”

And that’s the problem with January 1st. We put too much stock in one day. Maybe the key to having a good year is to see each day as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Yes, picking yourself back up and starting anew on March 22th doesn’t sound as sexy as doing so on January 1st, but it does make it easier to see that every day is an opportunity to change your life. You don’t have to wait a whole year to launch into a new adventure, fall in love, try a new career or see the world.

Instead of declaring that this year will be the best ever, we should shout, “I’m going to make every day amazing!” And if that only proves true five or six days out of every week? Well, just know that you don’t only have to use that reset button on January 1st. It’s there whenever you need it, ready for the pushing when you are.

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